Harvest Dispensary Opens in Napa California

Harvest Enterprises Inc. Opens New Branch in California

Harvest Enterprises Inc. Opens New Branch in California

Harvest Enterprises Inc. is a cannabis company that is growing at a very fast pace. Its operations are expanding at a fast rate into California, the largest marketplace for cannabis in the world. Through successful licensing and strategic acquisition, Harvest will be operating in 3 major markets in California: Merced, Moreno Valley, and a Napa California dispensary. The company operates in 8 states with over 40 licenses. Harvest company expanded into Napa by getting the controlling interest of a dispensary in Napa City. The dispensary will now be called Harvest of Napa. The company also got dispensary licenses in Merced and Moreno Valley. Steve White, Harvest’s CEO, says the company is very excited about the expansion.

Harvest Enterprises Inc. was started in Arizona in 2011. Through its successful operations in Arizona, the company’s industry footprint and revenues have grown consistently each year since it was founded. It now has branches in 7 states, and there are plans to expand into other states by 2020. This company is set on expanding so much that it’s always in the search for more acquisition and retail opportunities in tactical markets.

To be the national leader means making products using the highest quality, safety and health standards in the economy. These standards are upheld during production, the sale of cannabis drugs, and growth. Harvest’s products are intended for adult use, and they include cannabis oil, vaporizer pens called Dream Steam that helps you safely inhale medical cannabis, and cannabis flower. Harvest has played a major in the community by helping seniors, children, veterans, and needy parents through their charitable acts, spending over $500,000 in the process.

More on Harvest Enterprises Inc.

Harvest Enterprises Inc. has been the first of its kind for years. It has consistently been making huge amounts of profits, vertically integrating cannabis firms with a large U.S. footprint. Its overall vertical solution entails industry-leading manufacturing processes, retail outlets, cultivation, real estate, technology, and construction. It leverages the HR and marketing teams. Harvest also has writing experts. The company has employed over 250 employees, all with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in in-house valuable practices that show whenever Harvest advertises its products.

The executive team in Harvest is made up of experts in finance, real estate, operations, and compliance. Since 2011 when it was founded, the company’s footprint has grown every year. It still plans to expand to more than the 8 states it already serves by the year 2020. Occasionally, Harvest releases updates on the progress it makes to the press.

The Press Release Statements

The press release has statements containing “forward-looking details” in matters such as Harvest’s plans, expectations, and intentions in relation to expected business dealings. Forward-looking details include words such as will, would, may, should, could, anticipate, plant, and believe among others. Investors are warned to not believe in such statements because they are not certain. They are a reflection of the company’s estimates, projections, and expectations about future results based on opinions from its management team.

Harvest has faith in its statements because it says they are reasonable. Although this may be the case, there are lots of uncertainties and risks that could result from unexpected economic changes in the future. The political conditions could also change at any moment and affect business. This is why forward-looking details should not be relied upon. In addition, the price and quantity of cannabis could drop and affect the company’s profits. The public perception of cannabis may also change with time and the demand for this product could reduce greatly.

Should any of the uncertain statements come true, the actual expected results will be different. The expected profits will not be achieved, and the investors will most likely lose money. Harvest may have succeeded in identifying crucial factors and risks that could make actual results differ from the anticipated ones, but there are unpredictable factors that can affect business. This company abides by the applicable laws, but it is under no obligation to change its forward-looking details. Overall, Harvest has done a tremendous job, but what this piece is saying is that there are no sure ways to say that a company will be at a certain point in the future because of unplanned occurrences that affect the economy.